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Reputation Points (A guide.)

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1 Reputation Points (A guide.) on Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:52 am


Reputation points are what people give you if you make a quality post.

Over time these points add up and you could earn prizes!

How they work:
- 5 Points for every negative vote.
+ 5 Points for every positive vote.
+ 10 Points for every 'Thank You' you recive.

1,000 Points = Gift worth 1,000 Coins
5,000 Points = Gift worth 5,000 Coins
10,000 Points = Gift worth 10,000 Coins
500,000 Points = Gift worth 500,000 Coins
1,000,000 Points = Gift worth 1 Million Coins

This says it all, be quality street, and enjoy the prizes you can win. Enjoy doing your best!

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